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November 2nd 2009

From the madcap brain of the Legendary GoreBagg comes TESLA -- designed with your mind in mind... The quest is complex and difficult. You have been selected to recover the stolen parts of the Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio, scattered throughout the Palace of Cthulug the Thoroughly Despicable.... More Information...

MAYA UPDATE: Play Instructions


1. Your first weapon is down in the first dungeon -- it's visible from the spawn point, just north and slightly to the left...I'd say you can't miss it, but some folks manage to... If you've left the Town Square, you've gone too far. More Information...

MAYA UPDATE: The Backstory


Harry Tepozton, the Mad Potter of Mitla had wandered far from the little village of Mitla into the wilderness that lay just beyond the high carved stone Northern Gate, called the Eye of Zipitotec in the lands of the Maya -- he had traveled far, through the lands of the Aztec, Zapotec, Toltec Olmec, and all ancient tribes from the Valley to the Mountains, from the Sea to the Desert Lands. More Information...

by Gorebagg

Gorebagg releases the Maya map



by E.J. "Gorebagg" Gold

As you may have seen in our released MAYA demo on youtube, we've gotten most of the kinks out of the animation and battle action codes. The main thing we're excited about today is the new MOVEMENT system which makes this the first truly PLAYER CONTROLLED run & combat in the game dev world.

The way it works is this -- YOU control the compass orientation of your character, then activate it forward, backward or strafe. That might not sound like a new development, but it is. You are now able to actually initiate each movement rather than Point n' Click your way around. It's smoother, more responsive to player control, and makes the game go a lot faster and combat more lifelike -- more like actual reality than virtual.

It takes some getting used to, which means that skills really count. You'll appreciate this even more if you've been exposed to the latest rash of computer-controlled battle sequences where all you do is touch or face the opposition and wait for the software to work out who won.

When you're in GMove Battle Action, skill is everything. It's all about YOUR control and YOUR ability to twist, turn, jump and react with lightning speed. Soon all games will use GMove Battle Action, but right now, we're the first on the block to have it!!!


MAYA LEVEL 3 G-MOVE ACTION DEMO BY GOREBAGG iPod PsP iPhone G2 HTC Hero SmartPhone Video game

MAYA Levels 2 & 3 G-MOVE ACTION DEMOby GoreBagg iPod PsP iPhone G2 HTC Hero SmartPhone Video game

Smartphone Games

by E.J. "Gorebagg" Gold

this is, i believe, the future of videogaming. i fully believe that we will soon see the end of the PC and the laptop, in which computer, cell phone, gps and texting devices will be combined in a single hand-held device similar to the PSP and the iPhone