GODD CTF Capture the Flag Games

What is CTF?

CTF is short for Capture the Flag. It is a game which is commonly played at summer camps, resorts and school playgrounds. It can be played by anyone at any age. This set of Gorebagg's CTF games is dedicated to non-firearms play, using magical weapons instead of guns.

The object of CTF is to go into enemy territory without getting tagged by a member of the opposite team, take their flag from the flag point and bring it back to the capture point in your own base, without getting tagged by the opposing team at any point during the run.

Should you get tagged, the flag must be dropped at that point while the tagged flag carrier goes to "jail" for a period of time, usually three to five minutes, unless freed by team comrades who invade the enemy territory to free prisoners in the jail.

The flag remains in place for anywhere from one to three minutes and can be picked up again to continue the run. it is the job of the protecting team to prevent this from happening.

Three captures wins the game and the game begins again.

In the GODD&trace; engine, CTF is played electronically. the flag is automatically dropped on tag, and the player sent to jail. the flag resets to its home base after one minute if not picked up again.

Capture the Flag is a living and vital part of 21st century life. it can be seen in a variety of forms -- football, soccer, basketball, hockey and jai-alai are variations of CTF, where the flag is a ball.

Capture Territory games, which are variants of CTF, are comparable to baseball, where each base represents a captured territory. Chess is a variant of Capture Territory, where the capture piece takes the place of the opposing player's piece which has been retired on capture.

The rules of each CTF game are pretty much the same, but there are definite differences from game to game. in some GODD(tm) CTF games, players are invited to change character classes, weapons, running speeds and more.