The GODD Game CTF Story

by E.J. "Gorebagg" Gold

Gorebagg was tired of the modern military style of CTF game that is so common in online CTF games today.

He asked Chief Engine Programmer VAL to redesign the GODD(tm) engine to accommodate online CTF play and strategy, and after a three year development, got his wish.

The Gorebagg CTF game is heavily reliant on fantasy character classes and magical weapons, combining First Person Shooter aspects with tabletop Dungeons & Dragons style of play, with Flag and Territory Captures as the basis of action and reaction.

Gorebagg's array of magical weapons are based on actual magical devices and apparatuses developed from Babylonian times well into the Medieval and Renaissance periods of western history, but also include many Taoist and Buddhist magical weapons from Far Eastern Asian mythology and lore.

Spells, incantations, amulets, charms, rods, wands, magical staffs and robes, cloaks and hoods are only part of the myriad of devices available to the wizards and enchantresses of Gorebagg's CTF worlds.