The Maya Backstory

Harry Tepozton, the Mad Potter of Mitla had wandered far from the little village of Mitla into the wilderness that lay just beyond the high carved stone Northern Gate, called the Eye of Zipitotec in the lands of the Maya -- he had traveled far, through the lands of the Aztec, Zapotec, Toltec Olmec, and all ancient tribes from the Valley to the Mountains, from the Sea to the Desert Lands.

Just as he was passing the Pyramid of Tlaloc the Storm God -- he heard a terrific clamor, booming and crashing thunder behind him where the village of Gittal lay under a dark stormcloud which had come up suddenly from behind the brooding mountain Teotihuacan.

"I will offer a sacrifice to the Mountain Teotihuacan,", he thought to himself, "and the Mountain God will then leave the village alone."

He was afraid that the Wrath of the Thunder Mountain God would destroy the village and maybe take many lives to satisfy some sacrificial slight or other spiritual blunder the villagers had perhaps committed. All the crops as far as the eye could see had withered and died, and the land was littered with the corpses with dead animals both domesticated and wild.

He had not gone far when he came upon a huge circle of curious designs made by flattening the grasses growing in the field of Muaba the Farmer. "Crop circles, here in the Land of the Ancients???" he wondered aloud. "Must be aliens somewhere around."

Suddenly, he found himself surrounded by Teotihuac tribesmen, all brandishing spears and newly sharpened flint and glass sacrificial knives... maybe meant for him.

He stopped. "What is your purpose here?" he demanded of them.

"We have come to beg help from you," the Head Shaman bowed his head,and the tribespeople lowered their spears and knives as they came nearer to Harry Tepozton, the MAD POTTER of MITLA, who had many times saved the lives of these very villagers from Narhual -- Cactus Vampires -- and other evil spirits of the night.

"What has happened?" asked Harry Tepozton, the Mad Potter of Mitla, Hero of Teotihuacan and Rescuer of Huichol.

Unobtrusively he deftly replaced the Magickal Flower Pot -- which destroys Badness, but implodes harmlessly in the face of Niceness -- into his voluminous sidepouch, now that he knew there was no threat.

"We know not, Harry Tepozton the Mad Potter of Mitla," the Chief Shaman shook his head slowly. "Only that the Gods are angered by something -- whether an omission or a commission of some horrible deed, we are not cognizant."

"Then we must discover the cause of calamity," Harry Tepozton, the Potter of Mitla agreed, striding off in the direction of the jungle beyond the Pillars of Gargon.

There was a giant roaring sound ahead of them, which grew even louder as they ventured toward it...

A thousand voices thundered out at them from the clouds below the treeline: "Find and cast into the dimensional rift the Pots of Mitla which were stolen by grey aliens from the Planet Zargon. They have removed the Sacred Pots from the Tomb of Murray the Mayan, and all your lands from the Valley to the Peninsula will be restored to health and happiness!!!"

"I will do this," Harry vowed. And his quest begins when you press the "START ADVENTURE" button...