MAYA Play Instructions

by E.J. "Gorebagg" Gold

1. Your first weapon is down in the first dungeon -- it's visible from the spawn point, just north and slightly to the left...I'd say you can't miss it, but some folks manage to... If you've left the Town Square, you've gone too far.

2. Press F6 to view your inventory items.

3. The first level is not far away, just forward to the north and slightly to the east and there'll be a river of lava, and a tree bridge to help you get across. If you're good at jumping, you can manage it without the bridge. You'll have to fight three mummies on the way to the first level.

4. Once in the first level, you'll find yourself in a small anteroom with four gargoyles. There's a bat guarding the medallion to the left. Once he's dead and you get the medallion, you can go across the hall and enter the chamber where you'll find the Lamp of Niceness, which then opens door #3, the north door in the antechamber.

5. Touch the Guide to find out what to do next.

6. You'll need bombs to open the door where you see the blue crystal will have to get up somewhat close to the door, but not right up on it. You only get four bombs, so if you louse it up, you'll have to go fight some mummies to get money to buy bombs at one of the the two Weapon Shops of Usher.

7. You can't get past the east door until you find the crossbow, which you will need in the second level. Be sure to switch weapons back to #1 before proceeding once you've got hold of the crossbow. You should also have gotten some "goodies" to bring with you to bribe the door guard on the way to the Lair of Haggoth, the Lord of the First Dungeon.

8. You will find the boomerang just before you enter the Lair of Haggoth. You should press #1 to make sure you're armed with the MiniPyro Magic -- the boomerang will just bring an enemy to you and might not hurt him while you're getting mangled all the while! You can use the boomerang to get items that you can't reach.

9. Make sure you get the KEY to dungeon #2...otherwise, you'll have to go all the way through Dungeon 1 to get what you've left behind. You'll also find a Magic Pot which you'll need when you get to the end of the game.

10. The TownPort will take you back to the Town Square. Check your inventory by pressing your F6 button. You should see both Pot #1 and the key to Dungeon #2 in there. If you don't, you need to revisit Dungeon #1.

11. Now you're ready for Dungeon #2. The first receptionists at the front door will be a couple of old bats. They're waiting to suck your blood, but you should be able to handle them with your MiniPyro Magic.

12. A couple of chambers into Dungeon #2 and you'll come across a door that can't be opened from there...You'll need to go to the west door and scoot around the lava on the metal scaffolding around the sides. Press the GoreBagg poster on the north wall to open the door to the Lair of Shuggoth, the Master of the Second Dungeon. Um, you'll need to use the crossbow to kill other weapon will work, and there are a few other level bosses that require killing with special weapons but we'll talk more about that later...meanwhile, if you run out of bolts for your crossbow, you'll find some in the northwest (far left) corner of the Lair.

13. Now that you've killed Shuggoth, you need to find his Treasure Room, take the Magic Pot and the Key and then take the Transport to the entrance of the Second Dungeon. You can easily walk from there to the Third Dungeon, which is across the bridge to the west of Town Square.

14. If you should happen to fall into the water, you can't jump out, but you can walk upstream through the waterfalls to the Ice Cave of Cthulugg, but when you walk back, beware that you don't fall back into the water...the walkway is treacherous and narrow.

15. Now you're ready for the Third Dungeon...but wait...have you found the candle yet??? You can't get into the Third Dungeon without it and even if you could, you couldn't see your way through it without the candle...You'll have to find clue: it's just to the north of the Town Square, near the Lava River of Teotihuacan.

MAYA UPDATE: The Backstory


Harry Tepozton, the Mad Potter of Mitla had wandered far from the little village of Mitla into the wilderness that lay just beyond the high carved stone Northern Gate, called the Eye of Zipitotec in the lands of the Maya -- he had traveled far, through the lands of the Aztec, Zapotec, Toltec Olmec, and all ancient tribes from the Valley to the Mountains, from the Sea to the Desert Lands. More Information...





As you may have seen in our released MAYA demo on youtube, we've gotten most of the kinks out of the animation and battle action codes. The main thing we're excited about today is the new MOVEMENT system which makes this the first truly PLAYER CONTROLLED run & combat in the game dev world.

The way it works is this -- YOU control the compass orientation of your character, then activate it forward, backward or strafe. That might not sound like a new development, but it is. You are now able to actually initiate each movement rather than Point n' Click your way around. It's smoother, more responsive to player control, and makes the game go a lot faster and combat more lifelike -- more like actual reality than virtual.

It takes some getting used to, which means that skills really count.

More Information...