PC First Person Shooters

  1. Your weapon or cache has a limited amount of ammo.
  2. If you depend on autofire, you will need more ammo.
  3. You cannot buy more ammo than you can carry.
  4. Ammo replenishment costs 100 gold plus 100 score points.
  5. If you are hit by enemy, you lose a variable amount of points.
  6. Picking up drops will bring your score up.
  7. Finding lootboxes will increase your score.
  8. Bonus points can be earned by difficult tasks and challenges.
  9. Falling into lava and other blunders will cost variable points.
  10. If you are unskilled, your score can easily fall well below zero.
  11. The longer you take to complete a level, the lower your score will be.
  12. Every death costs you 100 score points.

PC Capture the Flag Games

  1. Stop the other team from capturing your flag.
  2. Capture the other team's flag.
  3. Be Courteous and Chivalrous toward all other players.
  4. Be Respectful to Admin.
  5. Have fun.