Tournament Scoring System


  1. You get 10 experience points for every ordinary monster kill.
  2. You get additional experience points for higher monster kills.
  3. You get a variable # of experience points for every boss kill.
  4. You get 10 points for every drop you pick up plus drop's points.
  5. You get 10 points for every lootbox chest you open up.
  6. You get a variable number of points from drops & lootboxes.
  7. You lose 10 points for every hit scored on you by monsters.
  8. You lose 20 points for every additional minute in the game.
  9. You lose 100 points for buying more ammo, so conserve!
  10. You lose 100 points for every player death.

There are additional bonus points on the plus side and reductions on the minus side for a variety of extraordinary actions and difficult challenges.

The highest score wins. If there is a tie, then add in experience points. If there is still a tie, add in gold, power, armor, magic and life in that order to determine the winner in tournament gaming.