GODD Games

Hello to our Properity Path Friends

More and more people are coming to goddgames as a result of their use of the Prosperity Path Games. Since these games are built with the same engine and resources as the Prosperity Path Orbs that is only natural.

You will be happy to hear that these games have much of the same effect -- and work well for bardo-training. The main different between the games found on GODDGames and those in the Prosperity Path is this: these games have plots and monsters added for a bit of challenge and another kind of training.


Seven games are now available for instant download. Or, if you'd prefer a CD just let us know by contact form and we can ship one out to you. The downloads are a better deal. So if your bandwidth will handle the dl that's a better option. By the way, the dl is only 50 to 100 meg for most of the games. Very small by modern standards.